Bear Hugs - Yellow

Bear Hugs - Yellow
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A great big bear hug can make a person’s day complete, and the Bear Hugs Yellow baby sock bouquet by the Blooming Baby promises to put a big smile on the face of the mommy to be when she receives this extremely unique baby gift.


The cutest, softest plush bear hugs a keepsake vase brimming over with silk sunflowers, ribbon accents and unique flowers shaped from baby socks and wash cloths. From a distance, everyone at the shower will think they are seeing a florist’s delivery of flowers, and then laugh in delight when they realize the gift is actually clothing for baby crafted into flowering blossoms.


The Bear Hugs Yellow bouquet is meant for parents who want to be surprised about whether their baby is a boy or girl as well as those that don’t want to be locked into traditional blue or pink decorations. This gift includes two soft sock booties, two terry wash cloths, one cuddly teddy bear and a bottle of baby lotion all wrapped in a clear box and topped with a bright yellow bow to make gift giving quick and easy.


The Bear Hugs bouquet also comes in a lavender, pink and blue for matching nursery decorations or the favorite colors of the mom and dad.



2 Pairs of Socks (0-6 months)

2 Terry Washcloths

1 Plush Teddy Bear (10")

1 Name Brand Baby Lotion (1 oz)


Bouquet is approximately 8" tall by 6" wide prior to packaging.  Item comes packaged in clear boxing adorned with yellow ribbon-ready to give and receive!

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Price $29.95