Dots of Fun Bouquet

Dots of Fun Bouquet
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The Blooming Baby Dots of Fun Bouquet doesn’t have any itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis in it, but it sure does have a lot of dots on itsy bitsy little baby girl clothes!


This creative baby gift arrives at the baby shower looking like an artistically designed floral bouquet, but instead it is a baby sock bouquet made from baby clothes that are shaped into unique flower buds. The pair of hot pink polka dot and black onesie body suits form flowers with two other solid hot pink onesies that are then mixed in with two pairs of soft and snuggly socks and a precious polka dot beanie hat to top it all off. Add that to a mix of silk flowers, greenery and a pretty dot bow, and this bouquet uniquely resembles a flower arrangement in its keep sake vase.


This incredibly unique design can be used as a gift wrapped up for opening on the day of the shower or as a centerpiece for the big party as well. Once the day of baby celebration is complete, the new mom can take it home, take it all apart and have clothes for baby to use over and over.



2 Onesies (0-3 months)

3 Onesies (3-6 months)

1 Beanie Hat (0-6 months)

2 Pairs of Socks (0-6 months)


Bouquet measures approximately 17" tall by 13" wide

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Price $69.95