Yellow & White Sock Wristlet

Yellow & White Sock Wristlet
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For an inspiring new baby gift, there is nothing more flattering and unique than the Yellow & White Sock Wristlet handmade by the Blooming Baby.


Imagine the surprise of the new mommy to be when she receives this wristlet that has all the appearance of a floral wrist corsage and when she puts it on, realizes that it is made of cloth flowers. And not just any cloth either. Each cloth flower in this ornamental bracelet is actually a baby sock artistically formed into a flowering blossom bud. This unique baby shower gift will be the talk of the party by guests for a long time to come.


The adorable, little sock booties will keep baby feet nice and warm when the air in or out starts to get chilly, and new moms and dads will appreciate the thoughtfulness in giving them a gift that will further their collection of needed items for baby.


The wristlets are available here in our store in a variety of colors to match the needs of the expectant parents. Other color combinations include blue & white, brown & blue, green & white, pink & lavender and pink & white. Pick up a few extra wristlets today to make for easy gift giving that everyone will adore.




2 Pairs of Socks (0-6 months)

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