About Us

Tired of giving 'the usual' fresh flower bouquet to congratulate new parents? Need a creative centerpiece for a baby shower? Check Blooming Baby out!

Blooming Baby offers floral gifts created from baby clothing, accessories...and love! Each floral piece is individually crafted using quality baby clothes, baby accessories and silk flowers. These arrangements are non perishable and can be purchased weeks, even months, ahead of your special date. ...The best part about these products: The clothing 'flowers' can be unraveled and the clothing can be used when baby arrives!

Check out our products and you'll see that they truly are a one of a kind gift!



Stop by these local retailers to see our products in person:

Sweet Lullaby                                    Skie's Garden Center

300 Franklin Avenue                          417 Paramus Road

Wyckoff, NJ 07481                             Paramus, NJ 07652